Doctors Without Borders (Medicines Sans Frontiers)

Booklyn Artist Alliance

Rudraksh Printers (Printers of 5 Year Plan, Jaipur)

People Tree Design Collective

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Ve Y Actua      (International Volunteer Agency)

Prof. Andy Rotman

Minhazz Majumdar (S.Asia Traditional Arts Expert)

Janna Rose White (writer/traveller/collaborator)

PAO Collective (contemporary comic arts of S.Asia)

Art Found Out/ S. Asian Traditional Arts Links:

GUNPOWDER the peninsular kitchen (Best Restaurant in Delhi)  Satish Warier  Head Chef/owner!/pages/New-Delhi-India/gunpowder/102929598400?v=wall

T-Shirt Movement:RESILIANCE THROUGH ART (amazing project by Pankhuri Singh!)!/pages/T-Shirt-Movement-Resilience-through-art/124998384203887

Sutanu Panigrahi  (People Tree Artist, lovely screenprint work, sensitive, sensual)

Gandhi Institute of Studies (Trust) -Wellesly in India (Varanasi)

Dr Muniza Khan and Dr Deepak Malik (of Benares Hindu University)

Indian Vanguard

Feature Inc

Dinter Fine Art

Cavin Morris Gallery

Warrior Writers Project

Iraq Veterans Against the War

Reverend Billy  (EARTH-A-LUJA!)

Shivastan Publishing

Allen Ginsberg Foundation 

Alpana Bawa

Monisha Raja/Love is Mighty

I-Q Test

Arundhati Roy

Jeff Key

Lee Ann Brown

David Dunlap

Gloria Williams

Louise Landes Levi

Greta Byrum

India Radfar 

Peter Lamborn Wilson

Franck Andre Jamme


Pure Projects

Chris Jordan

(1.6 MILLION plastic bags consumed per hour, in the USA  alone!)

Kakasahab Kalelkar founder of Gandhi Hindustani Sahitya Sabbha

Woodsy Pride

Bernadette Mayer/ Lee Ann Brown/
  Miranda Brown

Aaron Sinift