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Jhola Project Video Handaji

Jhola Project by 5yearplan.org/ Aaron Sinift with Mr. Vijay Kumar Handa and the Manav Seva Sannidhi of Modinagar UP. India

Super affordable artist editions that serve Gandhi’s dream of self-sufficiency in Village India. (Get One Here!)

“When you purchase khadi, you help the poorest villager in the world maintain self-sufficiency”
Mr. Vijay KumarHanda (Gandhi Sannidhi, New Delhi)

5 Year Jhola Project is a seva in honor of MK Gandhi, and an experiment in Gandhian economics. It is a NO PROFIT/ NO LOSS seva that reduces the degrees of separation between village India, the contemporary art world, and you.

Each year since 2010, we have done small artist jhola editions (200-500-1000 jholas). It is our hope that with projects like this we can begin to provide more substantive work for the people of the ashram, and be able to provide funds to pay local teachers who work with the poorest of the poor. 5 Year Plan is not charity, it is a cooperation of equal partners.

Our success is due to the cooperation of Mr. Vijay Kumar Handa of the Gandhi Hindustani Sahitya Sabbha in New Delhi; Mr. Karan SIngh of the Manav Seva Sannidhi in Modinagar UP; People Tree Collective in New Delhi, Gurpreet Sidhu, Orijit Singh and their amazing circle of designers; Nandita Devraj of Rudraksh Printers in Jaipur.

Artists include:

5 year plan book 5 Kids Money Bags Penny
Bu TAn Bu Esprit White Clemente Pink Clemente White
Doucet Dunlap Google NYC Hauser
Martin Yoko Ono, Imagine Peace Burkha Reid
Gandhi Taaffee Tonatiuh Williams

Gandhi ashram artist jholas made= 533
work days to produce jholas=
400+ days
minimum paid to Manav Seva Sannidhi Ashram=
Project expenses (30 days, travel, meals etc.)= approx
Kickstarter commission = approx.
Shipping to USA + import duties =
Postage and delivery of jholas=
technical support=
Donation to Mr Handa =
end balance= -$663.00 (but well worth it!)

In 2011 & 2012 we made 2500 jholas for GOOGLE NYC creating at least 2500 days of work for workers of the Manav Seva Sannidhi. 5 Year Plan.org made no profit from this, though we wish we could have! Nandita Devraj & Rudraksh made these projects possible.
In 2013 we made jholas for Boston University’s ESPRIT Magazine Summer Edition cover. Lara Ehrlich wrote the excellent article: “Who is the Citizen Artist?” 5YP participated in a panel discussion at Boston University in connection with this article.
All artists who contributed work
All 91 Jhola Project participants/backers
Mr Vijay Kumar Handa, mentor and friend
Karan Singh & Family of Manav Seva Sannidhi
Greta Byrum, my wife and Light
Hudson of Feature Inc. NYC
Nandita Devraj who oversaw project resolutions
Steven Warner who handled technical difficulties
GOOGLE NYC especially Rachel Hyman & Erin Mindell
PEOPLE TREE for shelter, guidance, and inspiration
Boston University & ESPRIT Magazine, especially Lara Ehrlich!
BOOKLYN.ORG, Marshall Weber & Felice Tebbe
INDIAN OCEAN for the great music “Ma Rewa”